The Columbia Future Forge


The Forge Program

"Life Ready. Job Ready."

 The Columbia Future Forge is a mentoring and training program whose goal is to teach young adults from diverse backgrounds professional job skills, life skills, and exploration of their unique talents and abilities.

Participants in the Forge go through 5 skills trainings a year, are paired with a coach/mentor, and are either given direct employment or certificated so that they can get a job interview at various businesses around Clark County. 




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The Forge treats me as if right now matters, just as much as when I am older. It teaches things like hard work, professionalism, integrity, and goal setting. School just doesn’t seem to do that.
— Alexandra Neal
I now have experience working on problem solving and real world responsibility. I’ve learned not to avoid confrontation. My mentors have taught me that asking questions is okay and to address things right away. I genuinely enjoy working with the Forge. I have gotten help during the toughest moments of my life and have been befriended by some of the greatest people ever. I will always be thankful.
— Bryant Flores
For me, The Forge changed my life. I’ve never wanted to work harder than I wanted to work for this program. I couldn’t have asked for a better first job than with Mowtown or better support from all of the people involved in the Forge. They not only changed how I work, but why I wanted to work in the first place.
— Ethyn McLaughlin (Our first Student!)


OUr Promise

We can't promise you a job. That will be the result of how you develop yourself! What we do promise are high quality, relevant trainings, quality mentors from various professional fields, and that we can get you into at least 1 interview upon completion of the program


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About Our Founder

Matt Overton

Matt began working with teenagers 16 years ago. He did his undergraduate work at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and got his Masters Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey.

Over the course of 16 years Matt noticed that teens seemed less and less equipped to make the leap to adulthood and that they often struggled initially in professional settings. He created the forge as a way to help students develop themselves as whole human beings who are ready for life and the working world.

His hope is that this program is a blessing to students and families all over Clark County. Students that leave our area need to be life ready and job ready. It's time to train them for life beyond academia.